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Travis Richey is an actor/writer living in Hollywood, CA. He has recently appeared on TV in FOX's Sons of Tucson, NBC's The Event, and Lifetime’s Seriously Funny Kids.  He is also recurring on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Harold Crane, and on NBC's Community as Inspector Spacetime, a role that launched him into the spotlight of Doctor Who fans.  Travis had previously achieved international acclaim as the creator of several web series, including Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy, 2 Hot Guys In The Shower, Smiley Town, and an award-winning series of "Mac vs PC" spoofs.  His videos have been seen on CNN, Comedy Central’s website, The Huffington Post, The UK Telegraph,, and dozens of other notable blogs and websites across the internet, and have garnered over 2 million views.  Travis also performs regularly at ACME Comedy Hollywood.


BRYAN grew up in Palos Verdes, California, and stuck pretty close to home.  After graduating with a film degree From Chapman University he found his way back in front of the camera.  He's always considered himself an entertainer and believes that there are few things in this world greater than they ability to make someone laugh.  He's been seen all over Hollywood in various shows and you can catch him performing improv at ACME Comedy Theater, as a main company member, most Friday nights.  He just finished producing the first season a Web-Tv series he created and hopes to get it online in time for the Holidays.  When he’s not on stage or in front of the camera, Bryan enjoys taking photos, watching movies, reading or time traveling.


Originally from St. Louis, BRIAN began his career in improv during his college days in central Ohio, where he performed with the short-form troupe Burpee's Seedy Theatrical Company.  After that, he moved to LA and has enjoyed a wide variety of creative projects.  He currently performs improv at the ACME Comedy Theatre as a main company member, appearing in several shows every year.  In addition to his recent work composing the theme song and music for 'Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy', he has also scored a number of short films, including the award-winning PBS documentary 'Survey on Cyprus.'  His new animation projects can be seen at including his first animated web series 'Edgar Cartoons.'  In his free time, Brian enjoys drawing, writing music, and playing bluegrass banjo.

ROB grew up in the mountains of Western Colorado and started his career in entertainment at an early age.  Through middle and high school, he travelled to Los Angeles for Pilot Season, doing commercial and voice-over work and training with coach Bernard Hiller.  After high school, Rob decided that he wanted to try his hand at the other side of things and has fallen in behind the camera as a director and producer.  Working on a number of thesis films, music videos and short films during his time at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Rob has fallen in love with the documentary genre, short films, experimental and avant-garde projects, as well as his developing interest in comedy.  Now a Production Manager and Art Director at the famous ACME Comedy Theater, he continues to pursue production in an ever-changing media landscape.

ERIC is one of the very few native Southern Californians. He grew up in places that those not in the know have never heard of but have fun saying, like West Covina, La Verne and Rancho Cucamonga. He made the move to LA proper a few years back, and has since kept very busy. He's appeared in many student films. The less said about those, the better. He's also appeared on stage at Straitjacket Society, No Shame Theater, and ACME Comedy Theater. His writing has been featured in the Cricket Feet Showcase as well as, obviously, every episode of "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy." He is also one of the writer/performers of the web series, "The Best Friend." He's having a blast popping up all over the internet, as it's the first step toward his ultimate goal of taking over the... pie. Uh, he meant to say "making pie" and nothing more.

CURTISS was once quoted as saying, "No man will ever amount to anything in life, unless..." He never did finish that quote, but is speculated that it would've been deep and insightful. Curtiss currently lives in LA, and performs improv and sketch comedy at ACME Comedy Hollywood. He is a cast member of the online TV show “ACME Saturday Night”, has written several full-length screenplays, and is the co-founder of “The Sillypants Gang.”  Curtiss was also the co-host of “Boy Cow Radio” with Travis, and in addition to creating the concept for “Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy,” is the head writer for their new Web Series, “Timewrecked.”  In his spare time Curtiss writes short biographies for himself in the third person. And though he isn't very good at it, often putting superfluous information at the end, he's proud of his biographies. Curtiss grew up in Wisconsin.


NICHOLAS, who received critical and popular acclaim for his portrayal of sensitive, wisecracking Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, turned to acting when his aspirations of playing professional baseball were squelched by a serious arm injury.  The series ran from 1997 until 2003, garnering a huge cult following as well as a large fanbase for Nicholas.  His first major role in a feature film came with the Charles Busch satire Psycho Beach Party.  Nicholas has also starred in the ABC Family Channel original movie Celeste in the City.

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PHIL grew up being a big fish in a small pond in Hamilton, he is a big fish in the huge ocean.  After training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Phil realized Los Angeles would be more his style, New York was a little too "artsy" for him.  He then trained at ACME Comedy Theater where he met great friends and connections, most of who are a part of this project.  He now works at Universal Studios Theme Park where he stands still all day.  Literally.  He performs as a living statue.  He is a struggling actor who keeps kickin’ no matter how hard the current gets.



Originally from New York, JORDON moved to Sherman Oaks, then Miracle Mile, then Downtown, then Hollywood, then Eagle Rock/Highland Park/Mount Washington, then Playa Del Rey, then Culver City, and now resides in Los Feliz. He has many theater and film credits, does lots of improv in and around LA, can play instruments and sing, writes stuff from poetry to comedy (sometimes at the same time), and LOVES baseball... and pro wrestling - but that last one is a secret.


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